Life in China

What is life really like in China?

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So, you want to know what life is like living in china?

Hi, we are Gibby, Aviva, Aurora and Gabriel. We are here to hopefully give you the REAL insights into what life is like living and working in here. I (Gibby) have lived and worked in China now for over 17 years. I have traveled to most parts of this amazing country; eaten almost everything they have to offer. However, the best part was meeting and marrying the most wonderful Chinese woman in the world and having two amazing kids.

If you are interested in what life is really like in China, and what it is like living here, then this page is a good starting point for you.

From here you have links to the main articles on Our Elysium that explain all about the different stuff we have experienced. Everything about our life living and working in here.

Our Elysium is our website where we post pictures, videos and write about our daily life, but if you want to to read facts about China then you need to start here before wandering around the site.

Below I have listed the pages I think you should start to read if you are just interested in different aspects of life in China. I hope you enjoy the site.

Life in China

Here are the pages you should check out first about life in China

As a Question

Ask a Question

About Us

Read about who we are

Places to Visit in China

Most Beautiful Places in China

Facts About Beijing

Facts About Shanghai

Facts About Macau

Facts about Sichuan

How Many Provinces in China?

Food in China

What is Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Food Cook Books

How to Travel Around China

Taking the Train in China

Hire Bikes in China

Check out this Essential Guide to China

Travel Books About China

Life in China

Prices in China

Chinese Sports and Leisure Activities

general knowledge quiz about china

Can You Pass This Simple General Knowledge Quiz About China?

What do you know about china? China is a country in Eastern Asia and is the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1. 4 billion. It is the third-largest country by area. China emerged as one of the world's first civilizations in the fertile basin of the Yellow River in the North China Plain. Take this quiz about China and see what you know. 10 simple questions.

1 / 10

Which country is considered a renegade province by China?

2 / 10

Who became the President of China in 1912?

3 / 10

Who ruled China when Marco Polo reached there in 1266?

4 / 10

Which country was attacked by China in 1962?

5 / 10

Which country was annexed by China in 1950?

6 / 10

When did China get back Macao?

7 / 10

When did China get back Hong Kong?

8 / 10

What is the official name of China?

9 / 10

What is the meaning of Tiananmen?

10 / 10

Which city was known as Peking?

Your score is

The average score is 94%


There are lots of articles to read, so when you are ready just click on the link below:

More stuff to read

What are some cool facts about China?

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Life in China
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Life in China
We are Gibby, Aviva, Aurora and Gabriel and we are here to hopefully give you the REAL insights into what life is like living and working in China.
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