What is life like living in China?

What is life like living in China? We love travelling, we love eating, we love doing stuff and we want to share with you.

Hello and welcome (if this is the this time you have read anything on this site) to Our Elysium. We are just your “not so normal” family of 4 making their way through life the best they can. This site happened because Aviva and I were sitting down one day having coffee in Starbucks. Yes we have those here in China. In fact, we have one on every street corner here. We were chatting to some friends online and we both realized that we had something to share. We thought it might be nice to show people what we get up to on a daily basis in China. That is how Our Elysium was born!

Living in China is Amazing

Below is a little background information. To be honest we think it’s better just to dive into our social media posts. You can follow us to see what we have done. That said, we will post a regular blog post here to keep you updated on what we are doing. If you are not keen on all that social media stuff. You can just subscribe to our email blast to read our monthly highlights. Enjoy and thanks for your interest in Our Elysium (us).

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We have lived and worked (worked for most of the time) in China for over 17 years. Aviva and I thought it was about time to share what living in China is really like for a family of 4. To help us explain our life in China we will be sharing our family’s daily experiences using videos and pictures. Showing you first hand what life in China is like. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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Like most people, you have watched T.V. shows or read about China and have now established your opinions based on these insights. Just like I had before moving to China. However, I have rarely met someone who talks about China from the view point of someone that has lived and experienced China first hand. So I hope that our daily ramblings, pictures and videos will show you what life is really like living in one of the worlds most interesting countries.

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How did I get here? – Gibby

Back in the summer of 2004 I visited a small city in China called Yibin in the province of Sichuan. I came on holiday to see pandas and after 3 weeks I had decided that here was somewhere I could live. Yes, I was young and impulsive back then. I had no job so I walked into a university and asked if I could teach English to the students. Amazing they said, “Sure, go for it”! Then began my life teaching English in China. 17 years later I’ve had several teaching jobs. I have owned 2 English language training schools and taught over 10,000 students and loved every second of it.

What is life like living in China?

2 most common questions asked:

What is life like living in China

What are the people like in China?

Well there are a lot of them and they must be super nice because I married one! I have nothing but love and respect for my new friends here in China, they are the most kind, interesting, and curious people I have ever met. I have always been welcomed wherever I go and though my spoken Chinese is terrible, I have always been able to communicate with people. The Chinese will always go out of their way to help and please you (saving face) and as such you will always feel like you are having V.I.P. treatment wherever you go. Most young Chinese speak English really well and those that don’t will try. The older generations, to my surprise, are also capable English speakers having raised kids who have learned English and binge watched English T.V. shows like Friends and movies.

What is life like living in China

What is the food like in China?

With 1,000’s of dishes to choose from you can feel really overwhelmed by the scale of choice on a menu in China. Believe me when I say you can easily eat something different for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day for 10 years!

We have the choice of literally anything our heart desires, from a bowl of simple beef noodles to more exotic regional specialties you will not have heard of outside of China. It’s fair to say that the food here is NOTHING like what you get when you order your takeaway from your local Chinese restaurant!

Well that’s just a (very) brief introduction to why we have put together this blog and other media channels for you to check out. I hope you follow us and enjoy seeing what life is really like in China.

Check out the link below for some cool facts about China:

What are some cool facts about China?

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment, we reply to everyone.

What is life like living in China?
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What is life like living in China?
Hello and welcome (if this is the this time you have read anything on this site) to Our Elysium. We are just your "not so normal" family of 4 making their way through life the best they can.
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