Photos of our Life in China

photos of our life in china

Aviva enjoying a soak in an outdoor hot pool in Qinhuangdao in winter!

Everyone knows the expression; A picture paints a 1000 words. So you have an interest in what life is like living and working in China. Then you can witness what we do everyday from our photos of our life in China that we post daily. We don’t really do anything special everyday. Rather we just get on with our normal daily life and take a picture or two a long the way. So now we can then share with you what life is like living here in China. China is a vibrant and colourful place filled with amazing places, buildings and people. You can find out some interesting information about what are some cool facts about China. It’s really a privilege to be able to see close up what goes on in this vast country. We are excited to share these experiences with you.

Below are the latest photos that we have posted to our Instagram page.

Check out our photos of our life in China

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Thanks for checking out the latest photos we have taken of our daily life here in China. All the photos on Instagram of China, our travels and of our daily life are taken by Gibby, Aviva, Aurora or Gabriel, are original and are provided for your enjoyment. We all love taking pictures that show our home country of China as we see it as we go about our normal days, living and working here. With its amazingly long history and culture, breathtaking landscapes and wonderfully diverse people, we hope to capture the real China for you to see and enjoy. Therefore, if you want to use any of our images on your website you are free to do so, but we do ask that you please place a link back to any page on this site.

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